Cedric the Entertainer: Factfile and Net Worth

Comedian, actor, director and TV host Cedric the Entertainer was born plain Cedric Antonio Kyles in Jefferson City, Missouri in 1964. His face is now well-known throughout the United States having appeared in countless TV shows and movies but his voice is probably more recognizable on the world stage for his voice-over portrayal of Maurice the Aye-Aye Lemur in the “Madagascar” movies.


TV Beckons

Having majored in Mass Communication, Cedric Kyles started his working life as a claims adjuster for an insurance company and as a substitute teacher before finding his true vocation as a comedian. It wasn’t until the early nineties that Cedric, now approaching his thirtieth birthday got his TV break on “It’s Showtime at the Apollo”. He went on to host “Comic View” for BET and won both the Miller Lite and Richard Pryor Comedy awards before landing a role in the hit television sitcom “The Steve Harley Show” playing Steve’s pal Cedric Robinson.

Although a late-comer to TV sitcoms and movies, Cedric has made up for lost time and since his debut has worked constantly on varied projects while in the process amassing a personal fortune of some $15 million.


Busy, Busy, Busy

Alongside his role in “The Steve Harley Show”, Cedric also expanded his following as he toured extensively with his stand-up comic routines. As his popularity with audiences grew, movie offers soon arrived and Cedric appeared in a string of successful movies in various guises.

“Big Momma’s House”, “Dr. Dolittle 2”, “Barbershop”, “Ride”, “Johnson Family Vacation” were just some of Cedric’s movies in the following years but it was his voicing role for Maurice the Lemur in the series of “Madagascar” movies that really brought the dollars rolling in and doing the voiceovers for Golly the Gander in “Charlotte’s Web” and Carl in “Ice Age” didn’t hurt his bank balance either.


Extra Income

Between movie roles, Cedric the Entertainer has added a few dollars to his bank account by presenting “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire” in 2014 while also starring in TV show “The Soul Man” for TV Land since 2012.

Never short of job offers and commanding a tidy sum for his services, Cedric the Entertainer has been successful for a long time now on both the big and small screens. If his net worth continues to grow at its present rate it won’t be too long before Cedric Antonio Kyles changes his name once more. To Cedric the Billionaire!

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