What is Amy Adams’s Net Worth?

Amy Adams sure has come a long way since the early days of her career, where she established herself performing in dinner theaters all across America before scoring a couple of small parts in television shows and the movies.

However, once she landed the part of Brenda Strong in “Catch Me If You Can” – alongside Leonardo DiCaprio – she’s been able to parlay all of that success into hit roll after hit role.

Nominated for multiple Academy Awards (five of them at last count), she won the Best Actress award at the 2013 Golden Globes and has accumulated a tremendous amount of wealth along the way. According to information published online, she is now worth close to $35 million – but it’s likely that she’s worth even just a bit more than that right now.

The overwhelming majority of success in Amy Adams career has come in front of the camera, but she has just recently started to team up with her husband and fellow actor Darren Le Gallo to start their very own production company. They’ve yet to release a tremendously successful Hollywood blockbuster in the traditional sense, but they have released a number of independent films that have done quite well – not only in the US, but also worldwide.

Her acting fees have been increasing each and every year

Starting in 2011, Amy Adams was able to command $3 million a picture – but since then, her fees have grown substantially. In 2012, Amy was asking $5 million a picture (and getting it), and after her Academy award nomination in 2013 she jumped her fees up to $13 million.

Just last year (2015) Amy Adams was asking $20 million for a picture, right up there with some of Hollywood’s leading a list stars. It’s likely that her fees are going to only continue to trend upwards, as she is really rounding into her prime in front of the camera.

The biggest blockbuster success that she’s enjoyed is probably the animated film “Enchanted” – a film that commanded $340 million worldwide. She was also a part of Night at the Museum II, a movie that made close to $20 million on its very first day at the box office – a movie that she allegedly made close to $7 million for.

It should definitely be exciting to see what happens to Amy’s career moving forward, and it will be likely that she grows her net worth substantially in the years to come (especially thanks to that new production company).

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