What is Andrew Lincoln’s Net Worth?

There are literally hundreds of TV shows in existence – how can you make it big as a TV actor? The only way you can be recognized as a real talent on TV is if you have the skills to captivate people with your talent. Andrew Lincoln was able to secure the interest and undying loyalty of fans across the globe using his good looks, killer charm, and unparalleled talent.

From Humble Beginnings

Andrew James Clutterbuck was born on September 14, 1973 to a civil engineer and a nurse. They moved to Hull when Clutterbuck was only a young boy and then relocated to Bath when he was age nine. He was enrolled in the Beechen Cliff School where he participated in numerous school plays and productions, the most notable of which was Oliver. He spent an entire summer at the National Youth Theater where he learned numerous tips and tricks of the trade that got him interested in pursuing a career in acting. He later attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts where he picked up his new name, Andrew Lincoln.

Lincoln’s career in acting started out in 1994 when he appeared in the sitcom Drop the Dead Donkey. His first major role was that of Edgar Cook on the BBC drama This Life. From there, he managed to secure numerous other roles on TV shows and even appeared in a few films during his time. His role in the 2003 film Love Actually managed to get him a significant amount of attention from fans and critics alike.

His big break came with the dawn of The Walking Dead, a TV show that revolves around the lives of several characters after an apocalyptic zombie infestation. Andrew Lincoln plays the lead role of sheriff Rick Grimes which has gained him significant popularity in the industry.

Assets and Net Worth

It was said that Rick Grimes earned up to $90,000 USD per episode on The Walking Dead. This, along with royalties from previous projects and endorsement deals, has helped the actor accumulate a handsome sum of money for himself. Today, Andrew Lincoln’s net worth is at an estimated $8 million USD. The man has managed to successfully secure mansions, properties, luxury cars, and other valuable possessions with his accumulated wealth. He has also been spotted enjoying and vacationing at numerous hotpots across the globe numerous times.

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