What is Bradley Cooper’s Net Worth?


Determining anyone’s net wealth can be tricky to say the least.    After all, there are so many factors to take into consideration.  How can you truly measure a person by way of facts and figures, let alone the money they make?

The philosophical answer to that question could fill a bookshelf or two.  The practical answer—condensed for practicality—is as follows: total assets minus total liability.  This can include everything from fixed assets like homes to liabilities with said home.  Put another way, it’s risk vs. reward, with whatever concrete assets or, in the case of celebrities, past achievements may be counted on to count for something with critics or the box office.

One of the issues with accurately estimating someone’s net worth is that X factor of achievement and potential, which is naturally a big factor when it comes to film stars.  A no name today might turn out to be the next Jennifer Lawrence, and of course one wrong word spoken or scandal broken can bring down even the biggest stars.

So how does Bradley Copper stack up?

He’s certainly has a fair amount of variety in his filmography, playing everything from comedic roles and comic book characters to more serious dramatic fare.  In terms of measuring Bradley Cooper’s net worth, roles past and present are important, given that they make up a portfolio which can then be used to guess at not just how much money Cooper might have, but how much he might be “worth” in terms of a box office asset that will grow or shrink with time.

And the Bradley Cooper Stock certainly seems to be one on the rise thus far.  He’s currently projected to be worth somewhere between $60 and $100 million, and that figure is set to rise as the value of the properties with which he’s affiliated—as well as his own personal star—continue to climb.  For example, with Guardians of the Galaxy a massive hit in 2014, in which Cooper played Rocket Raccoon, the sequel is sure to be another Marvel blockbuster.  He’s been attached to Oscar-winning films such as Silver Linings Playbook, and controversial films such as American Sniper.  In short, his portfolio is diversified enough to contain a variety of “film assets” which are either sure to grow (the Marvel film) or set him up to be a star with critics.

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