What is Bruce Springsteen’s Net Worth?

There are only a handful of certified legends in the music industry, and Bruce Springsteen is one of them. Having given us years of hit songs, this man hasn’t failed to deliver sentimental story-telling tunes that have captured the hearts of millions all throughout the globe.

From Humble Beginnings

Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen was born on September 23, 1949 to parents Adele Ann and Douglas Frederick Springsteen. His father was a bus driver and his mother was a legal secretary. Springsteen was raised in New Jersey with his sisters, Virginia and Pamela. He was enrolled in Freehold Borough High School and moved to St. Rose of Lima Catholic School a few years later. He was participative in many school plays and productions and showed an interest in music early in his life. He graduated high school from Freehold High School where he was considered a misfit. He enrolled in the Ocean County College for a few semesters but quickly dropped out soon after.

Springsteen had always wanted a career in music since he was seven years old and looked up to musical idols such as Elvis Presley. He also particularly liked Frank Sinatra, who he would constantly listen to on the radio. He bought his first guitar when he was a young boy and this is what Springsteen used to practice his talents and learn how to sing. He tried playing for small audiences in local venues with his beat up mini guitar. His mother saw such great potential in him that she took out a loan to buy him a $60 Kent guitar which Springsteen later sang about in the song The Wish.

He became the part of a power trio named Earth which performed in numerous clubs all throughout New Jersey. This is where he first got called ‘The Boss’ as he was put in charge of collecting the band’s nightly pay. He was also responsible for distributing the money to each of the members. Springsteen’s solo career stemmed from his collaboration with these small groups, and has since risen to fame becoming one of the most prominent influences in the music industry.

Assets and Net Worth

Bruce Springsteen’s record sales, sold out concerts, endorsement deals, and business ventures have earned him a heft net worth of $200 million USD. He has numerous mansions all throughout the trendiest communities in the United States and has an extensive collection of rare and expensive guitars and other instruments.

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