What is Bruce Willis’s Net Worth?


Yippee-ki-yay, it’s marketing and number-crunching time!

OK, so there’s no chance John McClane would ever say that, per say, but if you grew up or were a fan of action films of the 80s and early 90s, then you probably know Bruce Willis’s signature catch phrase all too well.  Either way, there’s no doubt that, along with Harrison Ford, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis is one of the quintessential action heroes of that period, with the Die Hard franchise alone being worth tens to hundreds of millions of dollars, if not more.

But what does that mean for the net worth of the series’ star?  How well does Bruce Willis’s net worth hold up after all these years?

Surprisingly well, actually.

For those not in the know, net worth is generally calculated (in simple terms, anyway) by taking into account one’s assets as well as potential liabilities.  The latter count as “plusses,” if you will, the latter minuses, and the future can serve as something of a wild card.  When we talk about assets, we’re also talking about both fixed and liquid assets.  The latter can be equated to cash or, in most cases, something like stock, which can be quickly liquidated.  The former refer to larger property holdings such as cars, real estate, businesses, and so on.

Judged on those merits, more than 20 years after his signature franchise first began, Bruce Willis is still worth quite a bit, estimated to have a net worth around $180 million.  The Die Hard franchise has continued to spawn sequels, and Willis remains a recognizable name actor, which makes him more bankable than most of us will ever be.

That said, there have been losses along the way.  Divorce is, and should be, a private matter.  Nevertheless, from a net worth standpoint, something like a divorce definitely does matter, and Willis’s divorce with Demi Moore is estimated to have cost him around $90 million.  In addition, neither of the last two Die Hard films did particularly well with critics, and with the fan base from those films growing older, one might wonder how many more missions—bankable or otherwise—John McClane could possibly have.

Even so, however, Bruce Willis still has a nine figure net worth, and his still-lucrative filmography and overall film presence are both important assets for someone making a living in show business.

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