What is CM Punk’s Net Worth?

The glitz and glamour of the professional wrestling industry isn’t something that’s easily broken into. To become a successful wrestling personality, you need to have the right talent and charisma to keep audiences entertained. CM Punk has proven himself as one of the few men who can captivate audiences and has done so throughout his wrestling career.

From Humble Beginnings

CM Punk, born Phillip Jack “Phil” Brooks on October 26, 1987, was one in a brood of five. His parents were simple folk; his father an engineer, and his mother a homemaker. They lived in a quiet home tucked away in Chicago, Illinois where Phil grew up to be an obedient young boy. He attended Lockport Township High School and performed well in his academics.

As a teenager, Brooks developed a penchant for wrestling when he began participating in a small, backyard wrestling federation in the mid to late 1990s. After a bad encounter with his brother who he caught embezzling money from the small backyard brand, he was quick to cut ties and enrolled himself in the Steel Dominion wrestling school in Chicago. Here he further enhanced his skills and took the dream to become a wrestler all the way to professional level.

He became a frequent face on the IWA Mid-South and Pro Wrestling Zero-One where he jump started his career. Soon later, he moved on to the biggest label in professional wrestling – the WWE. Here he earned the love and loyalty of millions of fans from all over the globe, sealing his name in the industry as one of the best professional wrestlers of all time.

Fame and Net Worth

It is estimated that CM Punk has a total net worth of $7.5 million USD. This has allowed him to purchase a comfortable home in LA where he lives with his small family. Despite his explosive personality when he’s in the ring, Phil Brooks is actually a pretty laid back guy. He is an avid fan of comic books and likes to collect rare titles from his favourite publishers. He’s also a big fan of the Chicago Cubs and makes it a point to treat his family to a live game whenever he gets the chance.

CM Punk thanks his professional career and his advertising contracts for the substantial amount of finances he has accumulated so far. He hopes to expand his horizons in the near future with other profitable projects and ventures.

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