What is Denzel Washington’s Net Worth?


When it comes to prominent dramatic actors in Hollywood, Denzel Washington is one of the first names that pop into peoples’ minds. This highly celebrated and critically acclaimed actor has starred in numerous leading roles that have captivated the hearts and minds of millions of watchers all over the globe.

From Humble Beginnings

Denzel Hayes Washington, Jr. was born on December 28th, 1954 in New York. His parents, Denzel Hayes Washington, Sr. and Lennis Lowe Washington were both small-time employees that made a meagre salary to get their family by on day-to-day expenses. Washington went to the Pennington-Grimes Elementary School, but had to move away at the age of 14 on account of his parents’ divorce. He studied at the Oakland Military Academy before attending the Mainland High School. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Drama and Journalism from the Fordham University and took on a job as a creative art director at a summer camp. After his brief employment, he went back to Fordham and enrolled himself in the Lincoln Center campus to further his studies in acting. He moved on to study graduate school at the American Conservatory Theatre.

Denzel Washington worked a few minor roles upon his return to New York and struggled to get a significantly big enough project to boost him into stardom. He began with smaller roles like Wilma, Carbon Cop, and A Soldier’s Play. His big break came when he was given the chance to star in the NBC hospital drama St. Elsewhere. He shined on-screen and was proud to be one of the few African-American co-stars in the show. In 1989, Washington won his first Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, thanks to his role in the film Glory. Movie after movie soon after, Denzel continued to wow audiences and captivate viewers with his electrifying and dramatic performances.

Assets and Net Worth

Denzel Washington’s net worth is at an estimated $190 million USD. The man makes a whopping $40 – $60 million USD in a year. Majority of his assets are houses and residences not only in the United States, but all over the globe. Denzel is also a car enthusiast, spending a few million here and there for cars and expensive luxury vehicles. That’s not all this critically acclaimed actor likes to splurge on however, as he is also a strong supporter of numerous charities and humanitarian causes which he frequently donates to.


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