What is DMX’s Net Worth?

Making it in the music industry is not easy – that’s a fact. There are a lot of rappers and hip hop artists who failed to make it big. DMX is one of the many examples of how hard it can be to make it as a rapper. This talent is known today as something of a failure in the industry.

Where It Started For DMX

Earl Simmons was born on December 18, 1970 to parents Arnett Simmons and Joe Barker. He was raised in Yonkers, New York and grew up with his parents. Simmons had an abusive childhood which caused him to become a troubled youth. There were points during his adolescent years that he became involved with gangs, causing him to be arrested multiple times. He did have an interest for beatboxing, however, which he consistently practiced as a young boy.

His career started in 1991, when The Source magazine praised DMX for his beatboxing talent. He recorded a few demos which then acquired him significant recognition in his field. In 1992, he signed on with Columbia Records and released his debut album shortly after. The album, entitled “Born Loser” did not gain the attention that the recording company hoped it would, and so Columbia Records decided to release him from his contract. In 1994, he made a guest appearance alongside Ja rule, Jay-Z, and Mic Geronimo in the classic underground track “Time to Build.”

DMX was able to release chart toppers like “Ruff Ryders Anthem” and “Party Up.” He also managed to make a few other popular releases such as “What’s My Name?” and “What These Bitches Want?” These singles were able to gain him a significant amount of media attention enough to earn him a hefty salary.

He dabbled in preaching during his music career and even tried to incorporate the gospel into some of his later releases. In 2013, DMX filed for bankruptcy stating that it was because of his child support obligations that he had lost all of his funds. Since then, DMX’s net worth and career began to crumble. He was the perpetrator of numerous petty crimes and most recently was caught shoplifting. He has also appeared in court numerous times for failing to pay child support.

Assets and Net Worth

DMX’s career could have been prosperous, had he made the right choices at the right time. Today, DMX has a net worth of -$10 million USD, due to his child support obligations, poor record sales, and arrests.

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