What is Flavor Flav’s Net Worth?

Ah, Flavor Flav.

It’s no secret that nostalgia seems to work at about a 20 year displacement.  The ‘70s saw Grease and an overall nostalgia for the ‘50s, while the ‘90s gave us, erm, That Seventies Show.

So, might Flavor Flav be due for a comeback?

Even if you’re not a fan of rap music, chances are good you’ve at least heard the name “Flavor Flav” (it’s certainly a memorable mantle!) and his famed 90s group Public Enemy.  With 90s-era rap currently enjoying the aforementioned customary nostalgia that seems to pop up at the 20 year point, what might that mean for Flavor Flav’s net worth?

When it comes to measuring net worth, the most basic method is to weigh for assets (fixed and liquid) against liabilities while factoring in the potential for growth and shrinkage.  In essence, you can think of calculating one’s net worth as risk vs. reward with what you’ve already earned against future potential all part of the mix.  When it comes to calculating Flavor Flav’s net worth, sadly, liability is a major factor.  That isn’t a knock on Flavor Flav, and it should be noted that actions in the past do not necessarily account for one’s behavior or character in the present.  In addition, there are societal factors at play, the like of which might well have been appropriate to some of Flavor Flav’s work.

Nevertheless, the fact that Flavor Flav has had a history of drug abuse—with at least documented incidents—means that he does have a tangible and readily recognizable liability on his ledger.  To his credit, the almost-60 rapper has shown a tremendous amount of turnaround in later life, and if there’s a field in which drug abuse is both common and potentially less stigmatized, it’s show business.  Thankfully, Flavor Flav has been proudly drug-free for well over a decade, which can not only serve to make him a reliable asset again, but make for a good narrative in and of itself.

Flavor Flav’s net worth is generally calculated to be somewhere between $3 and $9 million.  The 2000s, particularly in the earlier portion of the decade, were not necessarily kind to Flavor Flav earnings-wise.  Still, with a recognizable name, image—oversized clock necklaces, anyone?—a long-standing name in rap music and (hopefully) a life that’s drug and liability-free, here’s hoping that nostalgia tastes oh so sweet for Flavor Flav and his fans.

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