What Is Flo Rida’s Net Worth?



At 6’3” and 203 pounds, Flo Rida strikes an impressive look that is hard to forget.  Driven, intelligent, and charismatic, Flo Rida is an American rapper who has built an entire brand around his image.  Born in Carol City Florida in 1979, Flo Rida was one of 8 kids.  Studying International Business Management in college, he returned to Florida to continue his music career.  In 2008, Flo Rida gained national awareness with his hit song “Low.”  Now sporting recognition both local and abroad, Flo Rida continues to expand his brand, releasing new albums and taking a creative direction with his feel for rap.  A frequent guest to other rappers, Flo Rida has also been featured at the end of all three ‘Hangover’ movies, adding even more recognition to this musician.  Having built up a career relatively recently, you may be asking yourself, how much is Flo Rida’s net worth?  Let’s take a moment to see.



What Is Flo Rida’s Net Worth?


At the moment, the net worth of Flo Rida is believed to be 30 million dollars.  This net worth is expected to increase as Flo Rida’s income has only recently hit the levels seen in nationally popular musicians.  As a result, it will be far greater in the years to come if Flo Rida continues at the same pace he’s been going at for the past 8 years.



Where Does The Money Come From?


At first, the majority of Flo Rida’s money came from his music career.  Releasing albums helped to create a steady stream of wealth.  Adding to this in heaps and bursts is when Flo Rida tours.  An average touring cycle can bring in millions of dollars.  On top of the music he creates and performs, Flo Rida is also a frequent guest for other musicians, providing another potential source of revenue.  Having had his music played on a number of popular movies, royalties have provided another stream of income.



Potential Future Income


Flo Rida has shown a great ability to build a name brand around his style of rap and to expand outwards.  Just beginning his career on a national stage (compared to other celebrities and musicians earning the same amount), Flo Rida as a lot of potential for increasing his future income.  For now we are left to enjoy his music and see what job he takes on next.



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