What Is Harrison Ford’s Net Worth?

Actors are among the best paid individuals in the United States.  Embodying the roles that we relate to on the big screen and making performances believable and captivating, a good actor is worth their weight in gold.  In addition, once established, many actors become increasingly popular over time, getting better parts and increasing their visibility within the public’s eye.

Harrison Ford is a great example.  Known for exceptional roles like in Blade Runner, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford has established himself as one of the best and most beloved actors of a generation.  With all of this in mind, what do you think his net worth is?  Let’s take a moment to find that out and see where it is coming from.

So, What Is Harrison Ford’s Net Worth?

According to Traveler’s Today, Harrison Ford’s net worth is estimated at $210 million dollars.  This information may not take into account the newest Star Wars Movie, the Force Awakens, where Harrison Ford plays a key role.  With significantly more money for reprising his role, his net worth may have risen to as much as $250 million dollars.  The exact amount may not be known for some time and will depend on whether or not Harrison Ford continues seeking movie roles as he moves into older age.


Where Does Harrison Ford’s Money Come From?

The majority of Harrison Ford’s wealth comes from the incredible range of movies that he starred in.  With dozens of movies under his belt, Harrison Ford has gradually increased how much he is paid per movie, making significantly more per movie now than in a decade or two decades past.  With a great deal of wealth held in assets (including a $13 million dollar waterfront property in British Columbia,) his net worth will continue to grow on its own.  For example, in a recent year, Harrison Ford made nearly a 5th of his total fortune in movies alone.


More stuff on Harrison Ford

A legend on screen, Harrison Ford has played some of the most memorable roles in the past 4 decades.  An amazing actor on screen, Harrison Ford has gradually built a fortune through acting, creating a comfortable life from doing what he loves the most.  Whether Harrison Ford will continue with movies into the next decade is anyone’s guess.  For now, we as fans are left with his incredible movies and he himself is left with a lot of money.

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