What Is Katy Perry’s Net Worth?



Capturing our hearts as one of the most recognizable singers in recent years, Katy Perry has continued to revolutionize both her music and how the public sees her.  Beyond the daring costumes and stage persona is an intelligent individual who is using her social capital to gradually grow her net worth over time.  So, how much is this sensation worth?  Let’s take a moment to find out.



What Is Katy Perry’s Net Worth?


According to the Net Worth website (responsible for tracking celebrity net worth), Katy Perry’s net worth is estimated to be about 50 million dollars at the present time.  This net worth is assumed to only increase over time as Katy Perry’s personal brand continues to grow both in the United States and around the world.  Looking back, you can see how her net worth has grown from an estimated $44 million dollars in 2011.



Where Does The Money Come From?


Growing up in a pastor’s family in California, Katy Perry has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time.  What helps to create such a large estimated net worth is her music career and touring.  The primary source of income is her touring.  For example, her last tour, ‘California Dreams’ netted roughly 59 million dollars worldwide.  Outside of the touring scene, Katy Perry earns on average 40 million dollars a year.  Some of this net worth has gone into her mansion in Hollywood Hills California, while the rest of it is either saved or invested in a range of different investment options.



Potential Future Income


At the moment, the majority of Katy Perry’s net worth is based on income she makes performing live.  As long as this continues (which there is no reason why it won’t) Katy Perry’s income and net worth will continue to grow over time.  At the same time she is building her net worth through music, she is also building up a social capital through various other work that she does.  Representing future streams of income if touring ever ends, Katy Perry’s future net worth looks solid, even if she quits the music business.  For now, we are left enjoying the music and outfits of an incredible singer who continues to capture the world’s imagination with every new hit.  Barring anything unforeseen, her net worth is expected to rise for years to come.



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