What is Liam Neeson’s Net Worth?


Juggling a career and reputation as both an action star and “serious” actor can be tough to pull off, both in terms of critical and commercial success.  The entertainment world might accept you as one or the other, but both?  The struggle for that kind of recognition and the balance between the acting extremes of action star and thespian form the basis of the 2014 hit Birdman, and yet while it was Michael Keaton who resurrected his career in that film, Liam Neeson definitely knows a thing or two about walking that tightrope as well.

The venerable Irish actor has appeared in everything from the action-heavy Taken franchise to the Oscar-baiting Nell, acclaimed films such as Woody Allen’s Hannah and Her Sisters, and notorious bombs like Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

So how does it all balance out on the balance sheet?  What is Liam Neeson’s net worth?

First, it worth answering how it is, exactly, one goes about calculating something like net worth.  On the surface of it, the whole process can seem quite simple, taking into account the plus (that is, one’s assets) and minus (liabilities) side of the equation and balancing it all out.  Add in the X factor of potential future earnings or losses, and you have a basic recipe for success when calculating net worth.

Using that process, we can track Liam Neeson’s net worth to be something in the ballpark of $85 million.  Given the filmography above, such a health figure shouldn’t come as a surprise.  The Taken franchise is still making money, Neeson has found his way into other lucrative franchises—Batman Begins, anyone?—while still retaining his status as a “respectable” actor.  Even a bomb like The Phantom Menace was a money-making bomb nonetheless, which goes a long way to securing one’s bankability, which in turn may be seen as a crucial if admittedly unofficial asset for any actor.

One thing that too often goes overlooked when it comes to calculating one’s net worth is the subsequent sustainability of that figure.  We’ve all heard stories about stars who rack up incredible sums of money, only to lose it all just as quickly as of it came.  Liam Neeson, by contrast, has been a consistently talented star for both action and serious drama for the better part of a quarter of a century, and so that $85 million is not just solid, but sure to grow.

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