What is Marilyn Manson’s Net Worth?

There is no artist quite as unique as Marilyn Manson. This musician’s strange quirks and unlikely appearance might seem weird to many, but these characteristics along with his musical talent have made him a popular personality in the world of music.

From Humble Beginnings

Brian Hugh Warner was born on January 5, 1969 to parents Barbara and Angus Warner. He was brought up in a humble home in Canton, Ohio and attended the Heritage Christian School as a young boy. It was because of the school’s efforts to teach their children what “not to listen to” that Warner fell in love with rock music. He moved on to GlenOak High School and graduated in 1987. His family then relocated to Florida where he was enrolled in Broward Community College in Fort Lauderdale. There, Warner studied for a degree in journalism and this is why he was able to interview many of the influences in music that he looked up to.

Warner’s career in music started when he teamed up with Scott Putesky and came up with Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids group. They soon dropped half of the name and shortened it to Marilyn Manson instead. He also embarked on numerous other musical endeavours such as Satan on Fire where he played bass guitar, and Mrs. Scabtree. By 1993, his main band had gotten the attention of a music producer who produced their first album in 1994. Portrait of an American Family broke into the scene that year under Nothing Records label. Although it wasn’t as popular as they hoped it would be, they were able to gather a small group of fans acquiring a cult following. It was during their Downward Spiral Tour that their fan base increased. Hit single after hit single later, and 9 albums into his career, Marilyn Manson achieved superstar status.

Assets and Net Worth

Marilyn Manson has managed to sell millions of records worldwide and has been the recipient of numerous awards and accolades during his time. His sold out shows and record sales are the reason why he has accumulated such a hefty wealth. Today, it is estimated that Marilyn Manson’s net worth is as $25 million USD. The man has lavish mansions, an impressive car collection, and a vast number of rare and classic guitars that he is admittedly a fan of acquiring and collecting.


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