What is Meryl Streep’s Net Worth?

There are few names in Hollywood history, let alone Hollywood today, that have as much raw star power, box office draw, and absolute thespian mastery as the most nominated actress in the history of British and American film.  She simply is one of the absolute acting treasures in the world, and of our page—which can really put into perspective just how silly it can be to what Meryl Streep’s net worth is.

When it comes to Meryl Streep, the bottom line pales compared to The French Lieutenant’s Woman.

Still, inquiring minds want to know, so just for the fun of it, how would we go about determining Meryl Streep’s net worth anyway?  Liabilities can be behavior or occupational or anything else which might detract from the individual’s overall monetary worth, and the same goes for assets, which can be fixed (think cars, homes, real estate holdings, etc.) or liquid (cash or something that can be quickly liquidated for cash, such as stock.)  Add to that the eternal wild card of potential, and you have the basis upon which most estimates regarding net worth are made.

When it comes to Hollywood films, of course, not all assets, like films, are created equal.  Being an A-lister among A-lister, to the point of being a living legend?  That’s sure to secure you great devotion, admiration, and a healthy net worth to boot.  That said, studios love multi-billion dollar franchises nowadays, and those types of films don’t often include actresses of the kind or caliber of Streep.  That’s not to denigrate the actresses who do work on those films—let’s be honest, few can measure up to an actress nominated 18 times for an Academy award!—but it does explain why such a decorated and admired actress “only” has a net worth of $75 million or so.

Sure, The French Lieutenant’s Woman, Out of Africa, The Bridges of Madison County, The Devil Wears Prada, Julie & Julia, August: Osage County are all films that most actresses would kill to have on their resume—but that still doesn’t mean that films like The Avengers or Star Wars: The Force Awakens aren’t still king at the box office, and in the net worth game.  Still, studios love Oscar-winning films as well, and all the films listed here are among the 18 aforementioned acting nominations for Meryl Streep—a sure sign her net worth to studios and her true worth as an artist are as strong as ever.

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