What is Miley Cyrus’s Net Worth?

Miley Cyrus is nothing if not a headliner.  In an age were social media is playing an ever bigger role in everything from everyday communication and social situations to the marketing of products to the way in which we interface with the world, there’s something to be said for being as persistently trending and buzzing as the former Ms. Hannah Montana.  Much as Miley might wish to distance herself from her former Disney-fied alter ego—and to be fair, who wouldn’t want to move on from that?—the question remains as to just how much wild pop star is worth in a fiscal sense.

Calculating Miley Cyrus’s net worth or, indeed, the net worth of anyone is going to depend on a few factors, the most basic of which can be loosely labeled “assets” and “liabilities,” which can in turn be seen even more broadly as essentially standing for plusses and minuses on a balance sheet.  You want good, healthy assets, and you want to avoid toxic ones or any other potential liabilities.

Throw in the potentiality of future earnings and the possible trajectories for a career and the assets one currently holds, and you have the basic tools with which to calculate Miley Cyrus’s net worth, which is estimated to be around $160 million.

Let’s take a look at those factors one by one.  On the assets side, as mentioned, Miley Cyrus has that alter ego on her resume, and while it’s doubtful she’d ever return to any of that any time soon, and it clashes with her current image and career aims, it at the very least shows she’s been successful in the industry in the past—something many one-hit wonders lack, hence why they flame out so quickly.  A stable prior body of work can cushion against hard times.

That’s true of assets during a recession, and that’s true of singing careers as well.  Of course, wild behavior can cut a career short as well, and while we’re not here to judge and it’s no one’s business but her own, there’s no doubt that Miley Cyrus’s behavior has raised a few eyebrows the past few years.  And yet, for all that, she still remains trending.

Which leaves us with potential and the future.  What will it hold for Miley Cyrus?  We don’t know, but her buying a $4 million ranch certain seems a statement on her part that she’s willing to bet on herself.

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