What is Neil Patrick Harris’ Net Worth?

Who doesn’t love Neil Patrick Harris? This actor, singer, comedian, magician, and television host seems to have it all. A stable career in the movie and TV industry, a wide base of adoring fans, a hefty net worth, a loving husband, and a few kids to boot. This man has truly become the epitome of the modern American dream.

From Humble Beginnings

Neil Patrick Harris was born on Jun 15, 1973 to parents Sheila and Ronald Gene Harris. He was the younger of two brothers, and the two of them were raised in Ruidiso, New Mexico. Both of his parents were lawyers and owners of a local restaurant in New Mexico. Harris attended the La Cueva High School and graduated with high honors by the year 1991.

He had always had a penchant for acting as a child, and began his career in film as early as 1988. He was cast in the movie drama Clara’s Heart which starred Whoopi Goldberg. The movie went on to earn a Golden Globe nomination. At around the same time, Harris was cast for a role in the movie Purple People Eater.

In 1995, he got his first role as an adult actor in Animal Room. It wasn’t long after that he managed to snag a number of other roles in The Next Best Thing, Undercover Brother, and Starship Troopers. It was during these years that his fame began to soar and his talents had begun to shine among all others.

Harris became a mainstay on TV shows and is best known for his role on the hit TV series How I Met Your Mother. His character, Barney Stinson, was the most beloved of all members of the cast and has gained a wide base of adoring and loyal fans throughout the years.

Assets and Net Worth

Neil Patrick Harris has his movie, stage, and TV career to thank for his wealth. During his time on the hit show How I Met Your Mother, this actor was allegedly making a handsome salary of $225,000 per episode! All in all, Harris’ networth has reached a whopping $35 million USD. He spends majority of it on his family – his 2 children and husband, David Burtka. The bunch is often spotted around LA or on luxury vacations out of the country. Harris has numerous properties across the US as well as an impressive collection of cars and luxury items.

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