What is NSYNC’s Net Worth?


When you take on something as big as a venture into the music industry with a group of other people, disagreements and failure are soon to follow shortly after. It’s hard enough to propel yourself into stardom – taking a few others with you might just make it near impossible. Despite the trials, NSYNC was able to trudge through the difficulties and come out on top as one of the most recognized musical boy groups in modern history.

Where it All Started

It was 1995. Of all the 5 members, Chris Kirkpatrick was the one who took the initiative to put a boy band together. He had been cut out during the Backstreet Boys audition and met with Lou Perlman to talk about forming a second group. During their discussions, Kirkpatrick and Perlman had come to the decision that Perlman would fund the group if Kirkpatrick could find the members. With this in mind, Kirkpatrick called up his good friend Joey Fatone who hed met at Universal Studios. Kirkpatrick and Fantone were at a loss – they didn’t know where to find the other members. They approached Perlman to ask if he knew any other talents that could fit the bill. They looked through auditions and tapes they had on hand and one from Justin Timberlake stood out. They contacted the former Mickey Mouse Club member and got him on board. Timberlake suggested his good friend JC Chasez as a 4th member. The four practiced together and decided they needed a bass singer, thus employing the aid of Jason Galasso. The man dropped out of the group though, and so they had to find a replacement. That’s when Lance Bass took on the role of Galasso. The band got its name from the last letters of each of the members’ first names. And NSYNC was born.

The group released their first single “I Want You Back” on January 20, 1998 and it became an instant hit, ranking at number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100. Their album was released shortly after in March. Since then, NSYNC has risen through the ranks to become one of the best boy bands to have ever existed.

Assets and Net Worth

Kirkpatrick might be a distant memory in the minds of many people, but he still has a hefty $13 million left from his stint with the boys. Fantone has secured $14 million, Chasez with $16 million, and Bass with $22 million. Of all members, the wealthiest, without a doubt, would have to be Timberlake, who has moved on to bigger things since the boys broke up. Today, the man has an estimated net worth of $200 million USD.

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