What is Orlando Bloom’s Net Worth?

The odds are pretty good that you recognize one of Hollywood’s leading men Orlando Bloom as Legolas in the Lord of the Rings trilogy or as William Turner in the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, or any of the other breakthrough films that he has been a part of.

What you probably wouldn’t have recognized, however, is that Orlando is also an accomplished producer and savvy businessmen behind the scenes in Hollywood as well. Financing a number of independent films, as well as some big-time Hollywood blockbusters, he’s been able to parlay his acting salaries into a substantial net worth – with some sources reporting that he is worth close to $35 million all on his own.

The Lord of the Rings turned into a tremendous cash cow

Even though Orlando had played numerous roles (including a pivotal role in the movie Black Hawk Down), it wasn’t until he was cast as the elvin lead in Lord of the Rings that he was able to reach true Hollywood A-list status.

According to information that has made the rounds on the web for quite some time, Orlando was paid close to $11 million for his role in the trilogy – but since it was such a blockbuster hit command since it has led to billions of dollars in marketing and rerun revenue, it’s not at all unlikely to imagine that he has received a substantial amount of the “backend profits”.

The Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy cemented his financial future

Of course, even though Orlando Bloom played a major role in the LOTR trilogy (and then followed things up in The Hobbit trilogy as well), it wasn’t until he landed the lead role in the Pirates of the Caribbean that he really cemented his financial future.

Johnny Depp no doubt took home the most amount of money from these three pictures (and the follow-ups that Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley haven’t been a part of), but Orlando was paid a substantial amount of money to continue his role of William Turner, blacksmith turned pirate.

This helps make up the rest of his rumored $35 million fortune, and it’s likely events in this pile of cash is only going to continue to get larger as Orlando is just now really reaching his prime acting years. It’ll be interesting to see just how much money he’s able to earn throughout the lifetime of his career – especially with a couple more blockbusters under his belt!

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