What is Randy Orton’s Net Worth?

Part of the difficulty in charting Randy Orton’s overall net worth is the fact that he belongs to a relatively new sports league, UFC.  There are sporting leagues that are long-established—the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and of course a litany of different European football/futbol/soccer associations, federations, and so on—and then there are those that seem to pop up overnight.  Without a doubt, UFC, love it or hate it, belongs to the latter camp, being relatively young compared to those other, more established leagues and sports.

Why does that matter in calculating Randy Orton’s net worth?  Simply put, the more reliable a league’s staying power and broad consumer base, the better for all attached assets.  Whether or not you personally thrill to its gladiatorial gridiron spectacle, the NFL’s de facto status as ratings king among the North American sports networks means stars such as Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Cam Newton can all enjoy broader marketing offers from companies sure that, even if you don’t care about the Super Bowl, that you are at the very least aware of its increasingly-massive marketing presence.  MLB enjoys a long history, and so marketers can call upon that its storied legacy for marketing purposes.  The NBA perhaps emphasizes

But UFC is, by contrast, a newcomer to the sporting landscape, and as much as Randy Orton fans must be thrilled that he won the 2009 Royal Rumble, and as much as certainly does boost his overall net worth (being a champion in any sport will tend to do that) to much of America—let alone the world—the Royal Rumble, UFC, and that whole sport remains at best a mystery, and at worst an even more violent spectacle than football or boxing, which can cost key demographics.  Ronda Rousey has been, without question, UFC’s biggest star to cross over into the mainstream, but her recent loss may challenge that position—and image.

And that’s what makes Randy Orton’s net worth—generally charted in winnings and endorsements to be around $9 to $15.5 million—so hard to pin down.  Remember, the Super Bowl wasn’t ratings king when it began.  If the Royal Rumble and UFC prove the wave of the future, Randy Orton’s net worth could skyrocket.  On the other hand, the league could prove a passing fad (the XFL, anyone?)  If so, Randy Orton may be a champion inside the octagon, but likely won’t be able to go toe to toe with other athletes in other leagues for quite some time.

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