What is Richard Gere’s Net Worth?

Even though actor Richard Gere’s most famous role happened close to 30 years ago, a role that launched him into superstardom and cemented his position with the rest of Hollywood’s most influential actors, he is still worth a considerable amount of money – and it is still adding to his nest day!

The man behind “Pretty Woman” is now 64 years old, but by all accounts remains both “An Officer and a Gentleman” is reportedly worth close to $100 million.

Yes, you read that correctly – according to numerous sources online, Richard Gere is one of the wealthiest actors in all of Hollywood and responsible for accumulating close to $100 million over his time spent both in front of and behind the camera.

On top of that, there are considerable sources in the industry that believe Gere to be worth even more than that. After all, he owns a home in the Hamptons with his gorgeous television star girlfriend Padma Lakshmi that is worth close to $56 million (on the market right now, but likely won’t be on the market for long) – and when he split with legendary supermodel Cindy Crawford he was reportedly worth close to $250 million back then!

Even though Richard Gere hasn’t been seen in two terribly many new movies in the past few years, he has still remained very active in Hollywood – both producing and directing smaller films that have still enjoyed a tremendous amount of financial success worldwide.

The American Gigolo isn’t pimping himself out any longer

Back in 1980, Richard Gere was still a relative unknown in the acting game, but by the time that the hit classic movie American Gigolo had come out he had already established himself as one of Hollywood’s up and coming new leading men.

Hit after hit followed in the 1980s, and Gere was intelligent enough to understand that the money made on the front-end of these films was never going to be close to the money made on the backend of his acting efforts – so he really focused on negotiating hard for more “points” than most other actors were pushing for.

He spun his financial success into a budding production company, and also parlayed a tremendous amount of his wealth into successful real estate buys and sales that help to grow his wealth even more.

Just now he’s beginning to return to the front of the camera once again, and it’s going to be exciting to see what he’s going to be able to pull off – and how much more wealth will be able to add along the way!

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