What is Rick Ross’ Net Worth?

Making it big in the music industry is no easy feat. With so many people fighting for their own slice of fame, the competition can get tough. Dreams are crushed along the way and patience will be tested, but if you stand through all the hurdles, you can achieve success. Rick Ross is one of the few that has managed to sail across the stormy seas to stardom and has secured a handsome net worth for himself as an American rapper.

From Humble Beginnings

William Leonard Roberts II was born on January 28, 1976, in Clarksdal, Mississippi. His family moved to Carol City, Florida when he was still young, however, and this is where he grew up. He graduated from Miami Carol City Senior High School and then moved on to the Albany State University. Here, he was enrolled on a football scholarship. After graduating from college, he worked as a correctional officer until he decided to resign in June of 1997.

He had a natural passion for rapping and hip-hop and wanted desperately to break into the music scene. After recording several demos and mix tapes, he finally caught the attention of Suave House Records, which initially signed him on under the name Teflon Da Don. Later in the mid 2000’s, he changed his name to Rick Ross.

Under his new name, he moved on to new record labels and continued the slow and steady climb towards success. He released countless singles and wowed audiences all over the globe. His album, Port of Miami which was released in 2006, gained the top spot on the U.S. Billboard 200, earning him the popularity and fame he so desperately desired. Today, Rick Ross is a rapper heavyweight, cruising alongside other frontliners in the industry.

Fame and Net Worth

Thanks to his records, singles, sold out shows, live performances, TV appearances, and advertising contracts, Rick Ross has accumulated a handsome net worth of $35 million USD. Rick Ross has since taken on other roles such as that of a rapper and CEO which have greatly contributed to his financial success.

Rick Ross enjoys a lavish lifestyle in his comfortable and sophisticated Los Angeles mansion, where he keeps countless luxury and sports cars. He’s also an avid collector of expensive jewelry which he likes to wear on stage as a sign of his success and financial abilities.

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