What is Sean Combs’ Net Worth?

It takes real talent to find real talent. In the rapping and hip hop industry, no one is better known that Puff Daddy. This iconic and legendary name has become something of a household term across many countries, and has been the reason why numerous talents have become who they are today.

From Humble Beginnings

Sean John Combs was born on November 4, 1969 to parents Janice and Melvin Combs. His mother was a model and teacher’s assistant, while his father was the associate of a popular drug dealer. Combs’ father died at the age of 33 when he was shot in his car. Combs was just a young boy at the time. Combs attended the Mount Saint Michael Academy in 1987 where he played football. This is where he got his nickname “Puff Daddy” as he would always huff and puff on the field when he got frustrated. Daddy was another name for player.

Combs dropped out of college in 1990 in search of something more appropriate for his interests. He took up a gig as an intern at Uptown Records in New York. Back when he was in college, Combs was known for his ability to throw great parties which would gather hundreds of people in just one night. He used these skills as a way to raise funds for AIDS awareness.

After everything he had learned from Uptown Records, Combs decided to put up Bad Boy Records in 1993. This was a joint venture in coordination with Arista Records. Combs signed on new acts and talents in the hope of finding someone who could hit it big with their recording company. He was able to sign on with Carl Thomas, 112, Total, and Father MC. It wasn’t until 1997 that Combs decided to take on the mic and released his first commercial work as a recording artist. His debut single topped the charts and spent a total of 28 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. After numerous hit singles and a multitude of chart topping albums, Puff Daddy finally become the hip hop success that he hoped to be.

Assets and Net Worth

Thanks to his success as both a record producer and singer, Puff Daddy has accumulated an estimated net worth of $700 million USD. He has been included in the Forbes list of the wealthiest hip-hop talents in existence today, second only to Dr. Dre. Combs has invested his wealth into numerous business ventures, clothing lines, luxury resorts, mansions, rare cars, and even private jets and yachts.

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