What is Vanilla Ice’s Net Worth?

Rappers and hip-hop artists are a dime a dozen, but talents like Vanilla Ice are priceless. This man has managed to tough his way through throngs of talents and has proven himself worthy to be recognized as a formidable contender in the world of rap and hip hop.

From Humble Beginnings

Robert Matthew Van Winkle born October 31, 1967 in Dallas, Texas, is known better today by his stage name “Vanilla Ice.” Vanilla Ice never actually knew his biological father, and so was given the surname of his step father. At the age of 4 however, Vanilla Ice’s mother and stepfather legally divorced. He moved to Miami with his new stepfather and mother where he developed a penchant for hip hop. Music was a big relief for Vanilla Ice, and this became his escape from all the troubles that surrounded his life at home.

At the age of 13, Vanilla Ice began practicing breakdancing which led to his popular nickname “Vanilla” as he was the only one in his group of friends that wasn’t of African-American descent. His interest in rap and breakdancing allowed him to start rap battling at small parties and events. He was a talented young boy and was constantly egged on by his friends because of his rapping abilities. However, when his father was offered a better paying job in Texas, the family moved back to Dallas. There, Vanilla Ice was enrolled in the R.L Turner High School, before dropping out.

In 1985, Vanilla Ice focused his attention on becoming a professional motocross driver. He won three straight titles at the Grand National Championships in Dallas and had gained popularity in the field. He was injured during a race however, and was unable to participate in races. It was during this point that Vanilla Ice decided to focus his efforts on becoming a rapper instead.

In 1990, Ice signed on with SBK records which was the beginning of his success. It was because of this partnership that Vanilla Ice was able to rise through the ranks and become the rapper that he is today.

Assets and Net Worth

Thanks to his record sales, tours, sold out shows, and partnerships, Vanilla Ice now enjoys an estimated net worth of $18 million USD. The man has spent millions on properties, estates, and motorbikes, of which he is an avid fan and enthusiast.

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