What is Will Ferrell’s Net Worth?

When it comes to making people laugh, you need to have real talent. It’s not easy to crack a joke and make people smile, especially if you’re doing it as a means of making a living. Will Ferrell’s natural talent has made it near automatic for him to crack a funny joke no matter the role.

Will Ferrell From Humble Beginnings

John William Ferrell was born on July 16, 1967 to parents Betty Kay and Roy Lee Ferrell, Jr. He was raised in Irvine, California where he attended the Racnho San Joaquin Middle School. His parents divorced when he was 8 years old, however it was not in bad terms. Both parents remained committed to their two children and provided Will and his brother Patrick the funds and guidance they needed as children.

Will grew up to attend the University High School in Irvine and participated as a kicker on the school’s football team. He enrolled himself in the University of Souther California where he became popular for throwing pranks and fooling his friends on numerous occasions. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in sport information in 1990 and soon took up a job as a hotel valet. In 1991, he moved to Los Angeles and auditioned for a comedy group which took him in. It was with The Groundlings that he began to hone his skills in comedy.

He secured a gig on Saturday Night Live between 1994 and 1995 which gained him a reasonable popularity among fans. He was very well known for his impersonations. He also appeared in numerous films during his time on SNL and after leaving the show, decided to commit to movies. He starred in films like Elf, Anchorman, and Old School which were all positively accepted by critics and fans. Hit movie after movie later, Ferrell has become one of the most popular names in comedy.

Will Ferrell’s Assets and Net Worth

Will Ferrell’s movies have been known to earn as much as $140 million USD, which have allowed him to acquire a significant amount in royalties. Today, Will Ferrel’s net worth is estimated to be at a whopping $85 million USD. His financial success is thanks mostly to his film career, business ventures, and endorsement deals. Ferrel has numerous estates and assets to his name, and owns numerous luxury properties and cars which he proudly drives around the bustling LA scene.

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